Notable Changes From BWTools 1.x#

  • Replaced the top toolbar icon with a menu bar to access the tools. This now lives next to the Help menu.

  • Moved all graph related tools to the graph view toolbar. It can be toggled on and off by the BWT icon.

  • Added a new module called BW Framer, which lets you reframe a selection quickly and provide default settings for the frame. No more manually adjusting frames.

  • You can no longer run the tools on graphs types currently unsupported by the Designer API, which caused a crash. See Unsupported Graph Types for more info.

  • Added more detailed tooltips.

  • New documentation! You are reading it now.

  • Code cleanup so it is a little more readable for this release.

BW Layout Tools Changes#

  • Considerable speed increase when running the layout tool.

  • The mainline feature (which pushed nodes back) is now toggleable.

  • Added multiple layout styles.

  • Added a snap to grid option.

  • Added option to run BW Straighten Connection after running layout.

  • Several bug fixes in layout behavior. The default behavior may be slightly different in this release.

  • See BW Layout Graph for full documentation.

BW Optimize Changes#

  • Removed features which are now handled natively by Designer.

  • Fixed a bug which would incorrectly identify some nodes as duplicates.

BW PBR Reference Changes#

  • Can now be opened from the new menu bar.

  • Removed custom color support in order to simplify the code for public release.

BW Straighten Connection Changes#