BW Settings#

Window displaying all settings for all loaded modules


Settings Usage#

Nativate to BW Tools > Settingsā€¦


Changing Hotkey Settings#

Changing the hotkey for a setting requires a restart of Designer.

The string format for a hotkey is <Modifiers>+<Hotkey>, not including any quotation marks.

for example (exclduing the quotes)

C Alt+D Ctrl+Shift+A

Reverting To Default Settings#

If you want to revert your settings for a particular module or otherwise run into an problem, you can delete the <module_name>_settings.json file directly and restart Designer.

The <module_name>_settings.json is located in the plugin <install directory>/bw_tools_2_0_0/bw_tools_2_0_0/bw_tools/modules/<module_name> For example: C:\Users\User\Documents\Adobe\Adobe Substance 3D Designer\python\sduserplugins\bw_tools_2\bw_tools_2\bw_tools\modules\bw_framer\bw_framer_settings.json

Upon restart, a fresh settings file will be created with default settings.