General Guide To Using The Tools#

The design behind the tools is to aid in your day to day graph organisation and optimisation tasks. As such, the tools are best used frequently and on small tasks.

For example, when using the BW Layout Graph tools, it is often better to run them on small groups of nodes as a way to help speed up basic alignment tasks and compliment you personal layout style.

While the tool can run on large networks and node chains, every artist and/or material will have a unique structure and preference for graph layout, which the artist should still maintain.

This is especially true for BW Optimize Graph as this tool will delete duplicate node chains and thus modify the existing layout unexpectantly. If you run this tool at the end of your work and on a large graph, it may be difficult to see what was actually optimised away for example. So again, it is better to use the tool to optimise your work as you go.

BW Straighten Connection is very useful for visually tidying up your graph, but it does insert a lot of extra dot nodes. So make sure you do not forget about the Remove Connected Dot Nodes Hotkey feature to remove these dot nodes if you want.